Steam Trading and Trade-In Alternatives
posted by Syrsly on Aug 23, 2011

Trading games is nothing new, and Steam is starting to support this sort of thing with the Steam Trading Beta, announced August 9. The big news is not in the game trading but the ability to also trade Team Fortress 2 in-game items. If it has not become a thought in your head yet, think this: "OMFG I can trade my TF2 items for games!"

Yes, you could technically gift items to other players before, but it was a one-way venture that required a level of trust. Due to way too many people being scammed of their items or games, I assume, Steam has started to officially support this trading system in their beta client and in TF2.

Team Fortress 2 is also free-to-play now, so that means more players to want your items and more chances to profit from your gaming addiction.

For those of us really only wanting to trade used games, we had Gamestop and EB Games for a while, but the Gamestop deals are nowhere near as promising or exciting as Steam and other digital retailers, even if Gamestop is technically one of them. Also, Gamestop barely even supports PC gaming at all, let alone trade-in options.

A real alternative to Steam is a 2010 start-up named Green Man Gaming (referral link). You just missed a great sale they had that offered 20% discounts and $5 back as credit for preorder sales. I ordered the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which I will be reviewing shortly. It was actually a Steam key, ironically!

This is the limitation to their trade-in program. You can only trade in your games which use their client or DRM software, called Capsule. It seems like a good way to trade used PC games, if the games support it, but many of the games you want will not be supporting this DRM, unfortunately, and will instead require their own DRM. For example, UbiSoft games require the UPlay online activation each and every time you want to play. Such games cannot be supported in the trade-in program, but hey, it is a step forward, and it helps the PC gaming market a lot.

As an enthusiastic PC gamer who also owns many game consoles, I get annoyed by all the hassles with purchasing used PC games, and I always wished I could trade old games in for some extra cash to fund my hardware upgrades or my future game purchases. Gaming is definitely an expensive hobby, and that is why I created

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